A Collector’s Dream: Gamified NFT Memberships

A Collector’s Dream: Gamified NFT Memberships

From casual collectors to engaged members, learn how The Cave used NFTs to capture the attention of its community with a fun and interactive game. 

Cave Collectables is an Ontario-based collectibles shop run by Cam Mac, the store's founder and CEO. It offers an array of various cards, figures, plush, and even digital collectibles created by Mac himself. In 2022, Mac and the team introduced Cave Gems – a game-like membership experience that starts with NFTs – transforming the shop’s casual buyers into an active community of collectors both online and in real life.


Creating Accessible Web3 Experiences with Innovative Membership Options

Cave Gems is an interactive game specially crafted for members of Cave Collectables. Customers can easily become members by purchasing one of the coveted "Pieces of the Cave" membership NFTs, which are available for sale online and at their physical shop.

For Cam, creating a simple path to membership was essential; he wanted to provide an easy way for any customer to join simply by purchasing a digital collectible, as well as offer novel ways for those who wanted to interact with a larger community of collectors through Web3 technology. He turned to Single to provide the link between his webstore, physical store, and the blockchain, all while allowing customers to buy NFTs with a credit card - just like any other physical or digital product on the internet.

Rewarding Members with Real-World Value Through Engaging Games 

When players log in, they enter a world of discovery. Members are immediately transported to a mysterious cave with clouds moving in the distance. Hidden amongst the rocks are five Cave Gems, just waiting to be found.

As they collect more gems, players can track their progress on quarterly and all-time leaderboards, adding a competitive twist that encourages members to check back in daily and climb to the top of the rankings. They can unlock special merch, early access to live breaks, giveaways, and other exclusive rewards with their NFT membership, powered Single’s tokengating technology. As an added bonus, members receive a 10% discount on the shop, plus 50% of profits from NFT resales, paid out as store credit.

Creating a Vibrant and Engaged Community of More Than Just Collectors

On top of the game experience, the Cave hosts regularly gated live breaks and auctions for members; it's all part of The Cave’s larger vision to help usher in a new era of collecting that goes beyond the shop’s own customer base to make a positive impact.

“The goal is to have digital collector's collide with physical collectors through our membership and game in order to allow the two worlds to combine into large donations derived from collectible charity art auctions. We have also been donating as we can to local charities as well as holding events to collect charitable donations. Recently, we filled 11 large hampers of non-perishable goods to be donated to the local Salvation Army.” - Cam Mac, Founder and CEO of Cave Collectables

The Cave's use of Web3 technology in its membership demonstrates the power of NFTs. With nearly 95% of the community members being new to NFTs, The Cave team came up with innovative ways to engage a traditionally Web2 community in Web3 experiences. Today, these members come together to collect, have fun, and give back - a great example of how NFTs can bring people together around a shared mission or passion.


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