Boost Your Reach: 4 Ways to Super-Serve Fans as an Artist on Shopify

Boost Your Reach: 4 Ways to Super-Serve Fans as an Artist on Shopify

As an artist, you understand how important it is to build and maintain a loyal fan base.

That's why we're here to show you how some of the biggest names in music such as SZA, Nickelback, All Them Witches, and others, use Shopify to reach their fans and serve them better. Here, we've gathered a few quick tips and tricks, backed by real-life examples to help you cultivate a thriving fanbase and grow as an artist.


1. Show Your Appreciation with Extra Content 

Giving your fans exclusive access to bonus content is an easy way to show your appreciation - and who doesn't love a little something extra?

Just look at SZA's success in early 2023 when SOS soared to the top of the charts by offering deluxe digital albums with exclusive tracks. Fans flocked to her webstore to purchase the extra tracks, propelling her to become the first female artist to have four weeks straight of strong album sales since Janet Jackson's Janet in 1993.


But SZA isn’t alone in this strategy –– Taylor Swift, Isaiah Rashad, and Migos have all dropped albums with exclusive content in recent years, all in an effort to show fans their appreciation and bolster their chart success.


2. Create a Lasting Connection

Your music has the power to bring your listeners together, so why not use it to cultivate a community of dedicated fans? You can use NFTs to onboard fans you meet in person to a private Discord channel, where you can direct deepen connections with behind-the-scenes content, much like All Them Witches did last year while on tour in Europe. 


3. Reward Supporters with Early Access

Having early access to music, tickets and shows is a major perk for fans – and, with Single, it doesn't take much effort to set up. Normandie Records, for example, created an NFT-based fan club that provided supporters with early access to music before it was commercially released.


Nickelback, on the other hand, opted for a more traditional fan club, offering a membership to their biggest fans for just $33/year right from their shop. Members received early access to presale tickets, shows, and even early entry to concerts in exchange for their ongoing support, which enabled the band to create a new stream of revenue entirely on their own terms. 



4. Host Live Q&A Sessions

Livestreams naturally lend themselves to Q&A sessions, which is why so many artists on Single use them to reward loyal fans. They are not only simple to set up, but they can also be easily integrated into other activities, whether as an added perk for members or as a gift to fans.


Pierce The Veil, for example, held an interactive VIP livestream to thank fans who purchased tickets to their 2022 tour. They performed an acoustic set, answered questions, and shared a sneak peek of unreleased music during the stream. A live stream, like in this case, can take any shape, making it a great way to either drive up sales, enhance an existing offering, or create something entirely new.


How will you super-serve your fans on Shopify?

These examples are just some of the ways artists on Single are expanding their reach by super-serving fans on Shopify. Which one resonates with you? Jump in the app or book a demo to discuss how Single could help bring your idea to life!


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