Building an NFT Community: 15 Perks to Attract Buyers and Retain Holders

Building an NFT Community: 15 Perks to Attract Buyers and Retain Holders

With Single, creating NFT collections and selling them directly in your Shopify store is a breeze. But what comes next? 

To drive interest and sales, we suggest using Tokengating to add exclusive perks that only holders get access to.

It makes the purchase of an NFT in your collection more appealing because it gives the buyer additional value through exclusive access to products, content, or experiences. 

Not sure what to offer as a perk? Here’s 15 ideas we’ve seen get buyers excited:


1. Early bird access to exclusive content and products:

Get NFT holders excited about your upcoming projects by giving them a sneak peek before anyone else.


2. One-of-a-kind limited edition merchandise:

Offer unique and exclusive merchandise that's only available to NFT holders.


3. NFT holders-only discounts and sales:

Show your appreciation by providing special exclusive discounts or access to sales on your products or services. 


4. Live monthly Q&A sessions:

Engage with your NFT holders by hosting monthly live Q&A sessions to answer their questions and build a community.


5. Behind-the-scenes sneak peeks:

Give your NFT holders an inside look into your creative process by sharing behind-the-scenes photos, videos, or blog posts.


6. Downloadable digital content:

Provide exclusive access to music, videos, wallpapers, printable artwork, or ebooks for your NFT holders.


7. VIP in-person meetups and events:

Host in-person gatherings as a way to connect with NFT holders and build community around your brand.


8. Live streaming + Recording:

Stream live content to NFT holders, such as webinars, workshops, or concerts, and offer a recording for those who couldn't attend.


9. On-demand video:

Offer NFT holders exclusive access to video content that's not available anywhere else.


10. Virtual hangouts or watch parties:

Give NFT holders a place to connect with you and other holders, while watching content together.


11. Surprise bonuses:

Delight NFT holders with surprise gifts, such as free products, exclusive merchandise, or personalized thank-you notes.


12. Early access to tickets:

Give NFT holders early access to tickets for in-person events, concerts, or meetups.


13. Access to exclusive episodes:

Create exclusive blog or podcast episodes only available to NFT holders.


14. Unlimited access:

Create exclusive content libraries, such as archives of past events, workshops, or webinars, that are only accessible to NFT holders.


15. Monthly newsletters or updates:

Send out monthly newsletters or updates to your NFT holders, where you can share your progress, plans, or personal stories.


    With perks and experiences, you can take your relationship with your NFT holders to the next level and build a thriving community around you and your creative endeavors.


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