Adding Value With Digital Autographs

Adding Value With Digital Autographs

A signature is a powerful thing. It’s needed for some of life’s biggest moments, and why you see fans fight for celebrity autographs at events. Having your favorite musician’s John Hancock on an album can add a level of sentimental value, even in the simplified form of a digital replica.

If you want a simple and enticing value add for your release, consider what Migos did for their most recent album, Culture III.

This digitally autographed version was only available as a limited-time offer, making it that much more valuable to the fans who purchased it.

Taylor Swift also made a similar move with her album, Evermore. Although it was initially released in December of 2020, she re-released the album in June 2021 with her digital autograph and four collectable alternate covers.

A digitally autographed album can be a great incentive for fans to purchase directly from your website, and, as Swift has proven, can extend the life of your release. But you don't have to be a #1 charting artist to put this strategy to use. Try experimenting with alternative or digital signed cover art and give your fans a piece of digital content to collect!