Web3 ↔ Retail

Web3 ↔ Retail

How 3 Brands Are Bridging the Gap Between Blockchain and Retail

To no surprise, the digital world of Web3 continues to open up new monetization opportunities and ways for brands to interact with their communities and customers. Here’s how ONE OFFF, Okay Bears, and Shrempin are approaching the next iteration of retail with blockchain technology.


ONE OFFF is disrupting the traditional ways of buying and experiencing physical goods for its community one purchase at a time. Every item in their store is paired with an NFT and unique digital identifier, providing customers with the assurance that their purchase is not only genuine but a certified “ONE OFFF” piece.

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At the heart of it, the goal of ONE OFF's integration of blockchain technology into physical goods is to foster human connections and meaningful experiences through their products. Customers can enjoy custom-tailored, one-of-a-kind experiences even after the purchase is completed by including NFTs in every purchase. This strategy encourages them to develop a stronger bond with their products while also opening up new and novel channels of communication with the brand long-after the typical checkout process.


Okay Bears

Okay Bears is an NFT project built on Solana. Launched in April 2022, the collection exploded in popularity and was immediately respected as one of the leaders in the space. Like other blockchain-born brands, they quickly set up an online store, further solidifying its success with merch options and tokengated perks, reserved for holders.

Okay Bears, despite being native to Web3, is no stranger to unconventional collaborations with Web2 brands. They partnered with IKONICK, a leading digital art brand, in July 2022 to bring their community to its online shop. The collaboration included three prints that were available to the general public and three that were only available to Okay Bears holders, demonstrating how both brands and their holder communities can benefit from the blockchain's newly emerging retail opportunities.



Shrempin is a Solana-based cult entertainment and retail brand. From the start, Shrempin's community has been instrumental in shaping its culture and identity through a combination of memes, humor, and merchandise. This symbiotic relationship between the brand and its community has been central to Shrempin's success - and everything they do both on and off the blockchain.

Shrempin, like Okay Bears, set up a shop with goods for holders Single’s tokengating technology, but eventually expanded with offerings such as tops, beanies, and hats that are open to the general public, outside of their founding Web3 community. It is a great example of how brands can use blockchain technology to appreciate and reward their core supporters while also expanding a brand's reach into more traditional audiences.


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