Last month on Single, the September 2022 edition

Last month on Single, the September 2022 edition

September 2022 was quite a month for the team and community here at Single, so to celebrate that, here are some standout moments and wins that we can’t wait to share with you. Read on!

News and happenings 🤠

Community creations 🎨

  • @allthemwitches went live with their NFT giveaway. They're using QR codes and stickers to link fans to their community token while on the road in Europe.
  • @FreddieGibbs dropped his fifth solo studio album $oul $old $eparately on September 30th and has since watched it rise to the top of the charts, reaching #11 on @Billboard.
  • @shrempin started testing the waters with a “shremp shop” 🦐 filled with all kinds of exclusive products and merch for their holders. 
  • @dcfc put their 10th album Asphalt Meadows out into the world after 25+ years as a band. Give these indie veterans some love and a stream!

As always, if you’ve released projects on Single that you love and want us to feature, either share them on Discord or tweet them to us @single_xyz—we’d love to see your creations in our next roundup!