Monetizing Music: Single and Sentric Partner Up


Independent artists from all over the world now have tools to earn a living from their art.

Single is already the go-to destination for musicians’ direct-to-consumer activities with simple products for:

But we know that selling music is only one piece of the puzzle. 

Collecting royalties generated from your songs is a significant challenge for artists of all levels. 

That is why we are ecstatic to announce our new collaboration with independent publisher Sentric Music.

The Single x Sentric Music partnership is the perfect solution for artists looking to monetize their music, wherever it may be. It's a simple process: 

  • Use Single to sell music and merchandise directly to customers (D2C)
  • Use Sentric to collect earnings from your songs in over 200 territories.

We’re helping artists and songwriters of all levels take control of their art, audience, and revenue on their own terms with this collaboration. 

Single users can now collect and track their royalties quickly with Sentric – and gain access to a variety of tools and features, such as analytics and monetization options tailored for the music industry.

Overall, we couldn’t be more excited about this collaboration - a major win for artists and songwriters everywhere. We look forward to providing you with new ways to make money from your music and get faster, more direct payments.

Ready to get started? 

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