NFTs For Shopify? Yep, we've got that.

NFTs For Shopify? Yep, we've got that.

That’s right, NFTs for Shopify are here.

We're proud to announce the addition of NFT Releases to our set of D2C Tools for Shopify. Like the other pieces of your D2C commerce, it’s time for NFTs to come “home” to your webstore, and this easy-to-use feature seamlessly integrates the power of digital collectibles into your existing merch and sales strategy.

Ready to get started? Follow the link below to learn more, fill out your information to contact our support team, and we'll send activation instructions!

Note: instructions to activate the feature in your store will be sent assuming you've installed the Single App. So if you're not currently a user, we forgive you, but head here get that done first!

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