Old Crow Medicine Show Premiers New Album "Jubilee" with Exclusive Listening Party

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How Old Crow Medicine Show Leveraged Single's Video Tools for an Intimate Album Release

Legendary folk rockers Old Crow Medicine Show were eager to share a first listen of their new album "Jubilee" with fans ahead of its official release. What better way to do it than an exclusive listening party livestreamed on their D2C merch store?


The Challenge

With the public release of “Jubilee” approaching, Old Crow sought to generate excitement, drive pre-sales, and offer an intimate album preview. But this was more than just a listening party – it was a strategic opportunity to connect with fans and direct them to their shop.

While going live on other social platforms is always an option, with Single and Shopify, OCMS was able to give fans that same live experience, but also capture fan data and focus on selling merchandise and albums.


The Solution

In collaboration with their merch partner Rose City Works and management Red Light, Old Crow set up the album reveal livestream right in their shop with Single’s live shopping solutions for Shopify.

They aired the new album audio, set to release at midnight, interspersed with pre-recorded band commentary. The stream was enhanced by the display of various album-related products, including vinyl, pennants, Koozies, and T-shirts beneath the stream – and all relating to their new album.

Fans had the opportunity to:

  • Listen to the album early and for free
  • Enter to win a signed test pressing by signing up
  • Chat and hear the band's commentary between songs
  • Pre-order album-related merch and various formats


The Event

On the eve of the album's release, the band took to social media to invite fans to tune into the unique experience, where they could hear "Jubilee" together for the first time, as well as the band's reflections on each track. 


The free access and chance to win a test pressing drew in eager fans, increasing sign ups and sales.The pre-recorded commentary played in-between songs was a particularly nice touch that broke up the flow of the event while also stimulating the live chat.



Old Crow's listening party demonstrates the potential for using D2C stores beyond just sales – as a space for artists and fans to gather through interactive, exclusive experiences that:

  • Generated excitement and early sales for "Jubilee"
  • Provided fans with a one-of-a-kind experience
  • Expanded customer data collection via account sign-ups
  • Rewarded a superfan with a signed test pressing of the upcoming album 


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