NFTs That Do Sh*t

Whether you’re a web3 rookie or hardcore enthusiast, we make it easy for creators and fans to break into NFTs at every level.

❤️ Accessible for all

Built for Shopify on Solana, our tech stack offers low fees, eco-friendly transactions, and a checkout flow like any other product. No blockchain knowledge or crypto required.

🔓 Add unlockables

Be it merch, live streams, or early listening parties, unlock access to exclusive offerings and experiences – both on the web and IRL – for fans who purchase your NFT.

⚡ Supercharge your fan ecosystem

Add perks to your NFT after the initial release, even if you minted it elsewhere. This allows you to surprise your closest fans with special rewards while keeping them inside an ecosystem that you own and control.

example campaign

💪 Do more with less

Seamlessly sell on TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify while enabling superfans to verify, share, and resell their collections on secondary markets, like OpenSea or Magic Eden.

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