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The chat does not appear on the replay. See below the video for some selected questions that were answered during the stream.


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Q+A Highlights

Are you able to mint mp4s?

At this time, we are only doing digital images.

So every sale is 5 dollars to Single? What about a free nft giveaway?

Correct, $5 + ~$1 variable mint cost. A giveaway would still incur those costs.

Is there a limit of wallets you can connect?

4 wallet limit at this time!

How does Shopify interact with the blockchain?

Only Single is interacting with the Solana blockchain, Shopify is not

Is there a legal reason we can't make the regular album cover an NFT? is the main thing to make it unique / new content?

It would depend on your label, but if you are an independent artist, there will be no problem making your album art an NFT

Would you be able to connect a MetaMask wallet?

There is no Solana integration with MetaMask at the moment

The seller artist does not need a wallet for the primary sale, rather, the secondary sale?

Exactly, the primary sale will just hit your Shopify store like any other product that is purchased on your store. The wallet connection is for secondary sales

And Single / blockchain charge will be charged / billed through shopify?


I think you mentioned some restrictions regarding a certain type of Shopify subscription we must have? Could you please elaborate on that? Thank you.

You can enable this on any Shopify plan. The thing to know is non Shopify Plus users will need to disable Shopify payments during their drop. Shopify Plus users can use Shopify payments

I heard that I need to be based in the U.S. in order to use the NFT function, is it okay if I have a U.S. address? Can I satisfy this requirement by setting up a corporation in the US?

This is no longer limited to just US customers :)

Since you offer livestreams too, are you using your own platform to stream this?

We are using our own livestream service right now! :)

Looks as though you can only claim a purchased NFT on a desktop. any plans to update that to mobile as well as most people purchase on mobile?

Phantom just released their mobile wallet!

If an NFT sells on secondary market, will we know who the new holder is? or at least have the wallet address? to implement airdrops, WL etc.

We're working on implementing secondary sales tracking, but in the meantime if you want to do airdrops or WL we can look up a list of holders for you

Can you recommend a payment processor for NFTs for those that don't have Shopify Plus?

Shopify has many options... Check them out!