Bundle & Sell NFTs

Easily sell or bundle NFTs alongside physical products on Shopify.

❤️ NFTs made easy

Our step-by-step creation tool is the easiest way to sell NFTs and reward token holders. No crypto or blockchain knowledge is required—just upload an image file and you can start selling NFTs on Shopify in minutes.

Selling NFTs on Shopify

🤝 Bundle NFTs with other products

Make it easy for fans to break into Web3 by bundling NFTs with merch and other physical products. Use free NFTs to drive traffic back to your shop through tokengated content and exclusive products.

Bundling NFTs with purchases

example campaign

🚀 Sell on Socials

Sell where your fans are with seamless integrations to Tiktok, Youtube, and Spotify, or even secondary marketplaces like OpenSea and Magic Eden for trading and resale.

🌍 Energy Efficient Blockchain

We utilize the Solana blockchain, where one mint is the equivalent of 10 Google searches and 64,000 times less energy than an Ethereum transaction.

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