Tokengate Content & Commerce

Level up your fan experience with exclusive access and drops for token holders

πŸ’§ Tokengated drops

Reward your closest fans with exclusive access to all kinds of drops - products, content, experiences, and more - when they purchase an NFT.

❀️ Accessible to your mainstream fans

We walk your fans through the entire process of buying an NFT and what it means to be a token holder. No crypto or blockchain knowledge required so that anyone could join in!

πŸŽ‡ Everything in one place

Import third-party NFTs into your Shopify storefront and instantaneously add perks. This allows you to surprise your fans while keeping them inside an ecosystem you own and control.

πŸ”’ Safe and secure

We verify NFT ownership multiple times before and during the checkout process, but let you stay in control of how many times an NFT could be used to claim a reward.

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