"If you want to revolutionize your business, go with Single."

- Dave Hause


 "..a breath of fresh air. I wouldn’t work with anyone else."

- Dashboard Confessional, Ecomm Team


"I cannot express enough how beautiful the interface is. Not only is it user-friendly, but the integration with our backend is just flawless. Working with your team has reduced our setup time with digital download content management and releases by 80%. We look forward to keeping this positive momentum going."

- Puscifer Live, Ecomm Team


"This App and Team is awesome - super easy to use and any questions are answered by real people on the spot. Definitely recommend single for any new pre-order album releases/instant grats and more, will continue to use in the future. Thank you!"

- Ben Rector, Ecomm Team

"Single has not only saved us thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees, it also gave us full ownership of our fan data and the experience of our audience. The customer service and creativity was a breath of fresh air. I wouldn’t work with anyone else."

- Dashboard Confessional, Ecomm Team

"At the intersection of perfection and delight lies Single Music, the, pun intended, single greatest app to happen to music since the Fender Twin. If you want to revolutionize your business go with Single."

- Dave Hause

"The Single Music team have been extremely helpful and a key part of our team. They make chart reporting super easy and pain free!!"

-LANY, Ecomm Team

"Great app and great support from this team in Nashville. As more and more independent artists function outside of merch deals/companies running their own stores, Single will be a must-have app for forward-thinking artists! Looking forward to future features and functionality."

- Iration, Ecomm Team

"It was awesome to work with Single Music for our annual Dear Jack Benefit charity concert. It was the first time we've ever livestreamed this event and it could not have gone any better. Single makes it clean and easy for fans to tune in and experience the show, and being able to host it directly from our website and offer exclusive event merchandise was a huge deal. It's a solid livestream platform and they know exactly what they are doing. Couldn't ask for a better experience."

- Andrew McMahon, Ecomm Team

"Single music is the most effective and efficient Shopify app for selling digital music, period. I use it for all of my artists and recommend it regularly."

- Steel Panther, Ecomm Team


"Not only is this app super helpful and efficient but the team is responsive and smart, really helped us navigate the deadlines for Billboard and more!"

- Perfect Time Music Group

"Before we found out about Single we were legitimately about to pay a developer thousands of dollars to create a Shopify that does automatic Soundscan reporting. We're really happy to have stumbled up Single though, their developers are some of the best in the business. Very quick response times + willing to listen to any customizations you suggest. Seriously one of the best shopify apps we've ever used!"

- RL Grime, Ecomm Team