Monetize Video How You Want

Single gives you the flexibility to mix and match a variety of monetization options all while promoting your existing products. 

  • Offer free videos to drive store traffic
  • Rent access to individual videos 
  • Sell subscriptions to access your full video library
  • Use video as a perk for NFT holders

Single-Hosted Video

By hosting video with Single, you get the benefits of: 

  • Branded video player with live chat
  • No promotion of other people’s content
  • No content moderation 
  • Feature products below the player
  • IP block for secure streaming
  • HD audio and video
  • Airplay and Chromecast compatible
  • #Tagging system for categorization

Customize the Viewer Experience

Our app blocks let you drag and drop sections in the Shopify Theme Editor to quickly display video collections or your entire video library. With just a few clicks, you can easily transform your shop into a video streaming platform your customers will be familiar with.

Video Subscriptions (Your own Netflix!)

Create your own full-blown streaming service with Single Memberships. Upload videos, categorize using #tags, and place them on your website in clean, structured rows. 

Create a Membership that permits access to all or some of the videos. Visitors to your store sign up then login to access your library.  

Video Rentals

With Single, you can rent on-demand videos directly in your Shopify storefront. Simply upload the video then set a rental price and duration. Visitors  purchase it like they would any other product then watch it directly on your store next to all of your products. 

Perfect for: 

  • Concert footage 
  • Documentaries 
  • Feature films 
  • Educational videos or seminars 
  • Stand up specials

Case Study: Rentals

Read how 800 Pound Gorilla Media is monetizing their video library through Shopify using rentals on Single.

Member or NFT-holder Access

Attract and retain viewers with value-adds to your other offerings — gate access to select (or all videos) for only members of your Fan Club / Membership Program, or holders of NFTs from your Collections.

Video Analytics

Understand your video consumption with watch hours, unique views, and all time views. Dig into your top fans store-wide and see which products are driving the most revenue for your store.

True Shoppable Video

Sell music, merch, and more with Promoted Products listed directly below your videos. Customers add-to-cart without ever leaving the screen.

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