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All I've Got Is A Photograph Live '21: A Case Study

All I've Got Is A Photograph Live '21: A Case Study

You know the classic saying -- “a picture is worth a thousand words.” So, if you get a chance to chat with some of the world's biggest musicians and their longtime photographer, chances are you’re going to have a pretty interesting conversation. Enter Ross Halfin, photographer of legendary rockers Def Leppard. Join us as we take a look at some of the highlights of their event “All I’ve Got Is A Photograph Live ‘21”, where members of Def Leppard and Halfin shared the stories behind some of their favorite photos. 

Opening The Vault

Before 2020, Def Leppard was still a touring band, playing shows around the world and performing at huge venues. When the pandemic halted the live music industry, they realized that they needed to provide a new way to engage with their rich history, and opened their “vault” of memorabilia and photos from over the years to share with fans.

The Merch

Between unique event-specific merchandise and Halfin’s one-of-a-kind photos, there were plenty of products available for fans to purchase, shown conveniently right below the video player, that were only available during the stream.

One of the most notable items available was a handheld viewfinder packaged with a reel containing never before seen photos – some of which were showcased and discussed during the event.

The Event

Host Tom Mullen got things started with an introduction of band members Joe Elliott and Phil Collen, followed by Halfin, who were then presented with notable photos highlighting special moments in the band’s history, which led to some great first-hand accounts from the band members as they reminisced and gave the fans some context behind the moments captured in the pictures.

At one point, Elliott and Collen explained how lucky they were to have Halfin, who understood their sense of humor and was always down to take silly pictures.

The Fans

The live chat during the event was perfect for fans around the world to ask questions directly to the band and connect with each other. While the first question was from someone living in the Czech Republic, people from Japan, the US, and Chile were all actively participating in the chat and asking questions in hopes that the band would respond!



Interactions like these help to boost the sense of community around a fanbase, and contribute to building (and in Def Leppard’s case, maintaining) a musician's brand.

Livestreams don’t have to be live performances! Just as Def Leppard demonstrated, there are so many ways to get creative with video content and connect even more with your fans. Giving people a behind-the-scenes look at their favorite artists, whether it’s life on the road or a look into their creative process, streaming events can provide them with memorable moments and can even bring more value to some of the items in your store!

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