Engage customers with recurring subscriptions that give them access to more than just discounts - like video-on-demand, hidden products, and livestream events. 

💸 Make more money – all on your terms

Turn fans and followers into paid members on a platform where you are always front and center. With Memberships, you can set up recurring payments and monetize your content, commerce, and audience the way you want to.

Creating recurring memberships on Shopify

🥇 Reward your community with content and events

Keep ticketed events, live streams, and on-demand videos exclusive to paid members, deepening your connection with those who support you directly.

💰 Sell more through unique commerce experiences

Create a members-only shop with access to premium merch, music, NFTs, and more. To top it all off, we don't take any fees on physical products, so the revenue is all yours.

📈 Grow your income with your audience

With direct access to your core audience, you can see when they show up and what offerings they interact with to fine-tune your engagement strategy and increase your earnings.

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