Get tips, tools and strategies for going direct to fan on Shopify.

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Why Artists Need to Go Direct to Fan (and How to Do It)

Ditch third-party platforms and start building a direct relationship with your fans. Learn why owning your audience is essential for long-term success in the music industry and how a direct-to-fan ...

MusicWhy More Artists Are Going Direct-to-Superfans with Jon Mark

Why More Artists Are Going Direct-to-Superfans with Jon Mark

Ditch music streaming's middlemen and go direct-to-fan with Shopify. Learn how artists are monetizing superfans through exclusive merch, VIP experiences and more on their own branded online stores....

MembershipsNurturing Superfans: The Key to Lasting Success Beyond Viral Moments

How to Nurture Superfans Beyond Viral Moments

We've all chased that elusive viral moment, but real longevity comes from nurturing your biggest supporters. Here's how top artists are building long-lasting, direct fan connections.

Membershipssoftspoken band fan club on shopify with single memberships

Softspoken Migrates Fan Community from Patreon to Single

Hard rock band Softspoken switched from Patreon to Single Memberships and gained full ownership of their fan platform and relationships. Read how Single's customized tiers and perks provide them fl...

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Why Artists Should Embrace Livestreams on Their Release Day

Release days spark massive fan hype, but that buzz often fizzles with empty streams and social metrics. Learn how artists can harness release day energy with livestream launch parties that d...

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Level Up Your Music Marketing by Engaging Every Fan Layer

Engaging every level of fandom is key for artists today. Learn tangible strategies to map, target, and convert casual listeners into diehard fans. With a layered approach across social, email, and ...

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Insider Strategies Your Favorite Artists Use to Top the Charts

Discover how to get your music sales counted for Billboard chart rankings. Learn which sales channels matter, strategies to maximize reported sales, and tools to automate reporting.