Fan Analytics

Locate your top fans in any market in seconds.

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Get a macro view of your direct-to-fan.

World heatmap

See at a glance where your loyal fanbase is located globally so you can plan tours and events in areas you know will draw a crowd.

Top fans

Do you know who your top fan is in any given city? Before going on tour, find the fans who support you the most and reward them.

Top markets

You may have superfans in surprise places. See what cites or territories are supporting you the most with Shopify purchase data.

Purchase activity

Keep your finger on the pulse of what your fans are buying today, this week, and beyond so you can keep up with demand.

Sales breakdown

Split the sales numbers to get the full picture of where your revenue is coming from, be it merch or memberships.

Top products

Know what shirt sold best last year, last month, last week, or all time!

The Ultimate Fan Insights Hub

Shopify's analytics are great, but sometimes artists need to see things from a bird's eye view that's both quick and easy digest.

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