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Travis Scott's Virtual Concert Live Stream: Circus Maximus

Travis Scott's Virtual Concert Live Stream: Circus Maximus

From Giza to Rome with "Utopia"

When Travis Scott's highly-anticipated Pyramid of Giza concert was suddenly canceled, it seemed his grand plans for a blowout 'Utopia' album launch show were crushed.

But Scott wasn't about to let his fans down. In just a few days (literally), he and his team pulled off a monumental feat, pivoting to find a new venue at Rome's famed Maximus Circus.

The best part? Thanks to Single, they were able to live stream, bringing the entire experience to homes across the globe.


The Challenge

With thousands of eager fans and a brand-new album release, Travis faced a daunting task: he needed a new venue and a virtual platform capable of delivering a high-quality, global livestream experience, integrating ticket sales and merchandise—all in record time.


The Solution

Having worked with Single on major releases before, Scott's team knew Single's Shopify solutions could offer high-quality live streaming with:

  • Global Accessibility: Analyzing stream traffic and translating ticketing and login details into multiple languages based on the site's purchase history.
  • Global reach and interactive fan engagement: Transforming Rome's venue into a virtual concert hall, allowing fans to watch, interact, and shop within Scott's official website.
  • Boosted merchandise sales from the event: Facilitating Shopify ticket sales and exclusive merch bundles, while preemptively spinning up server infrastructure for heavy traffic.
  • Rapid deployment: Finalizing the venue in just two days in Rome, and partnering with Travis's team to set everything up in three days for the ticketed stream.

Working with Single to stream through his Shopify store allowed for complete control over audience, data, content, and viewing experience—a desire previously unmet with third-party platforms. 

With Single, Scott's official website transformed into a virtual concert hall, broadcasted directly from Rome's famous Circus Maximus, all achieved in less than three days.


Before the Show

Travis shocked fans, announcing with just a mere 3-hour window to purchase access to the live stream, either via a $15 ticket or an exclusive merch bundle. Fans could also snag new t-shirts and a hoodie on his website, each including access to the live stream.



This purchase process required fans to create an account with Scott’s shop, adding thousands to his mailing list for future promotions.



To get the word out, the team used all of their available channels – X (fka Twitter), Instagram story and post, and email – not to mention some help from fans spreading the word on Reddit.  



After the Show

Once the Rome performance was over, the buzz continued with his debut film Circus Maximus set to with the same title to promote his fourth album debut on Apple Music shortly after and at select AMC theaters.





  • A live streamed concert set up in just 3 days
  • Successful sales of tickets and merchandise, with 500K+ copies of “Utopia” sold
  • Single’s integration with the site in just 2 days, offering translations in popular territories


The Future with Single

Travis Scott's quick pivot from a live concert in Giza to a virtual one in Rome demonstrates the power of adaptability, creativity, and technology. With Single, artists like Travis (or you) can create hybrid experiences, transforming venues, engaging fans in unique ways, and blending entertainment with retail. Looking ahead, the possibilities with Single are endless.


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