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Beauty School Dropout's "Dropout Closet": A Virtual T-Shirt Cutting Party & Acoustic Performance

Beauty School Dropout's "Dropout Closet": A Virtual T-Shirt Cutting Party & Acoustic Performance

If you're a fan of Beauty School Dropout, you've likely seen how Colie Hutzler, a band member, uniquely cuts his tees—an iconic look recognized by nearly every fan.

What if you could join Colie for a live World Tour Tee cut-a-long? That's precisely what "Dropout Closet" offered, transforming a quirky habit into an engaging event, topped off with a special acoustic rendition of "Beautiful Waste." 


The Challenge

The band wanted to offer something special to their fans and do it directly from their own D2C store. "Dropout Closet" evolved this idea into a live-streamed event, where fans could join the live stream for free, purchase and cut their "World Tour Tee" just like Colie, followed by the band's debut acoustic performance of "Beautiful Waste."

The challenge lay in seamlessly integrating free entertainment, merchandising, and community building, while also capturing fan data for future engagement.


Products Evaluated

An interactive event like this could easily have been hosted on a platform like Instagram Live. Yet, the band wanted to take it further by tying the merchandise directly to the live experience and selling the t-shirts right beneath the video. 

Their Shopify store was the ideal space for this integration, allowing fans to watch freely while encouraging account creation to comment, collecting more fan data for remarketing.


The Solution

Beauty School Dropout, with Single and Futureshirts, made it happen on the homepage of their store using Single's live shopping solution for Shopify:

  • Tee Cut-a-long: Single enabled a live stream where fans could join Colie Hutzler in a World Tour Tee cut-a-long, a unique band member fact, loved by superfans.
  • Merch That Resonates: By tying the event directly with the iconic tee cutting, the band ensured that the merch was more than just a product; it was a piece of the band's identity.
  • Direct-to-Consumer Sales: Fans could buy the World Tour Tee right from the online store, allowing them to participate in the cut-a-long.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Fans could comment by creating an account, resulting in more fan data and deeper connections.


      During the Event

      "Dropout Closet" was no ordinary live stream. Fans were not just viewers but active participants in a shared experience with the band. They cut tees, enjoyed music, and shopped, all within the intimate space of the band's online store. The event's inherent silliness, understood only by superfans, and the promise of a first-ever acoustic performance, incentivized viewership.


      • Memorable Connection: The personal touch of tee cutting turned into a communal experience.
      • Increased Merch Sales: The right kind of merch that resonated with fans led to higher sales, demonstrating that resonant merch moves both hearts and products
      • Richer Fan Engagement: The interactive elements ensured fans were not mere spectators but active participants.
      • Valuable Data Collection: Gathering essential data for future marketing and connection with fans.


      The Future with Single

      Beauty School Dropout has opened a door to a new era of fan engagement, where merchandising is more than selling—it's about connecting. "Dropout Closet" is proof that creativity, authenticity, and the right tools can turn a simple product into a shared experience. With Single, the possibilities are boundless, and artists can explore a world where fans are not just consumers but part of the creative journey.


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