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Dolly Parton’s 'Run, Rose, Run' Release Case Study

Dolly Parton’s 'Run, Rose, Run' Release Case Study

Dolly Parton has grabbed a lot of headlines this week for declining (with typical Dolly class) consideration as a 2022 Nominee to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. It was a grade-A power move that shows not only Dolly’s respect for her industry peers, but pretty perfectly sums up her unique intersection of self-awareness and pride for her decades-long career.

Lost in all the fuss around something Dolly won’t be doing is a well-deserved spotlight on something she recently did: release Run, Rose, Run, her 48th (!!) solo studio album that came as a companion to the co-authored (with James Patterson) book of the same name.

Dolly and her team took a multi-faceted, multi-industry approach for Run, Rose, Run, pairing up with Jeni’s Ice Cream and 1-800 Flowers for extra promotional pushes alongside what was already happening from her own webstore. Multiple partners meant a reach to a wider demographic and, naturally, more album sales that were promoted alongside other products without needing to “bundle” the goods which would have made her sales ineligible to the charts. Single’s upsell tool was used in Dolly’s store, and each campaign highlighted below had white-labeled emails that best represented the individual brands while keeping the album front and center. 

Let’s have a closer look!

Run, Rose, Run Week 1 Charting Positions

Billboard week 1 position: #4 (Top Country Albums), #34 (Billboard 200)

OCC week 1 position: #1 (Country Artists Albums Chart top 20), #23 (Official Albums Chart Top 100)

ARIA week 1 position: #6 (top 40 country albums)

D2C Sales from Dolly’s Shopify Store


  • Pre-order began mid-January 
  • Single Upsell Campaign increased sales by 50%
  • Album sold alongside hardcover book and merch


  • Pre-order campaign ran January 14th - March 10th
  • Activation Increased album sales by nearly 3x
  • Included exclusive track only available at Jeni’s website
  • Album sold alongside a limited edition Dolly Ice cream




  • Pre-order starting March 1st - March 15th
  • Album sold alongside audiobook and International Women’s Day campaign with three unique bouquets 
  • Activated after D2C sales and Jeni’s promotion to act as a sold of “3rd wave” for sales

Oh, and we almost forgot — the album itself is outstanding. Congrats, Dolly!

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