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Fantasy Records Unveils Taking Back Sunday’s Album with Exclusive Listening Party

Fantasy Records Unveils Taking Back Sunday’s Album with Exclusive Listening Party

Fantasy Records envisioned something more than a standard release for Taking Back Sunday's latest album.

They set out to host a unique and exclusive event right on the band's own storefront, aiming to simultaneously drive album sales and forge deeper connections with fans.



How do you throw a listening party that is not only exclusive but also increases merchandise sales? The team knew that mainstream platforms would not provide the direct, branded experience they were after.


Solutions Explored

The label needed a platform that could support both live streaming and merchandising while remaining D2C. Their search took them away from third-party platforms such as YouTube and Twitch and toward a more tailored solution.

Solutions Implemented

The perfect fit came with Single's Livestream product. Fantasy Records integrated this feature into Taking Back Sunday's website, allowing them to create an exclusive and branded environment for fans to hear the new music early and shop the band’s merchandise in one go.


Creative Execution

Going a step beyond a conventional album drop, Fantasy Records worked with the band to schedule the listening party 24 hours before the album's public release. This created a sense of exclusivity by offering fans not only the first listen but also exclusive merchandise opportunities, effectively converting fan enthusiasm into sales.




  • Boosted Engagement: The pre-release listening party served as an intimate, fan-first platform, further nurturing the band's bond with their community.
  • Driving Sales Directly: Connecting the listening experience with direct merchandise sales meant more control and direct revenue for the band.
  • Enriched Fan Data: Hosting on their platform, the band could gather insights to better cater to their audience in subsequent endeavors.


    In Summary

    Fantasy Records' strategic use of Single's Livestream product exemplifies a new approach to music releases. Their strategy goes beyond simply listening to include merchandise sales and interactive experiences to strengthen fan relationships and loyalty.


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