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These Artists Are Going Live from Shopify to Reward Fans with Exclusive Content

These Artists Are Going Live from Shopify to Reward Fans with Exclusive Content

Pierce The Veil and Matt Nathanson rewarded superfans with live streams on Shopify. Here's how you can do the same.

The power of live streaming has become increasingly evident over the past few years as more and more artists have turned to it as a way to stay connected with their fans. Live streaming offers bands the chance to reach large audiences, engage with fans in real-time, and even monetize their performances. For artists like Pierce The Veil and Matt Nathanson, it can also be a great way to create memorable, live experiences for fans and even show them some love.

Retroactively rewarding superfans

If you’re looking for inspiration on rewarding fans with live events or shows on Shopify, look no further than Pierce The Veil. The American rock band recently held an interactive, VIP live stream to thank fans who purchased tickets to their 2022 tour.

The band was able to tap into Shopify purchase data with help from Single to retroactively gift concert goers with a free live stream ticket. To make the event even more special, PTV also had our in-house creative agency build out a custom storefront to match the intimate feel of the stream. They then performed an acoustic performance, held a Q&A session, and shared a sneak peek of some of their unreleased music.

To no surprise, the stream was a huge hit for fans who had already experienced their music live and spent time with the band on the road. From all corners of the world, fans tuned in to watch the performance, ask questions, and even gush over the set on Twitter – demonstrating the immense potential of technology to foster relationships between artists and their fans, and keep them connected.

Gifting supporters with special access to streams

What's incredible about livestreams is that they provide multiple ways for artists to both interact with and reach their fanbase. Singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson capitalized on this with his third annual live stream extravaganza where he treated fans to an intimate event full of music, playing his album, Boston Accent, in its entirety, along with other favorites.  

Matt used Single to ticket the show for both his casual listeners and mainstream audience, and also gave his most devoted fans - those who support him on Patreon - a free access to show his appreciation. 

This special setting enabled all virtual attendees - those who bought tickets, as well as those rewarded with a complimentary ticket - to connect with Matt and each other over stripped back performances of his music in his own words - "Masshole style".


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