3 Ways Record Labels Can Drive Reach and Revenue on Shopify

3 Ways Record Labels Can Drive Reach and Revenue on Shopify

Let's face it—outside of album cycles, traditional promo tactics like sharing store links and promoting merch alone just aren't cutting it these days.

Fans crave experiences that fuel their passion for music. 

Fortunately, Single plugs straight into your storefront, transforming it into a fan magnet - with a unified solution for content and product subscriptions, regardless of where you are in the release cycle.

Check out some ideas:


1. Vinyl or Poster Clubs

Lean into vinyl’s comeback with monthly subscriptions for the collectors at heart. With Single, you can spin up a "of the month” club for all kinds of collectibles. It's a solid move to spotlight your artists and keep fans excited about what's next. 


2. Surprise Merch Boxes: Old & New

Got old tour shirts or other merch just sitting around? Pack them up into surprise boxes, filled with memorabilia, merchandise, or limited-edition items from your artists. This approach not only clears out inventory but also adds an element of surprise and delight for fans.



3. Regular Content Drops from the Archives

Got a goldmine of unreleased tracks, remixes, or live performances? Just upload it to Single, determine the schedule, and we’ll make sure it gets to your fans. Easy.


Feeling Inspired?

Get started on your own:

Install Single in your Shopify store.


New to Memberships?

Read our guide for everything you need to get started with a Membership program right on Shopify here.


Thinking big?

Want to start your own Fan Club or do a Live Shopping Stream? Our professional services team frequently partners with clients to help brainstorm ideas, build websites and more.

Get in touch and let’s talk!

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