Alert Fans of your D2C Offerings with Laylo

Alert Fans of your D2C Offerings with Laylo

Going directly to your fans (aka D2C) through Shopify for things like digital content sales, livestreams, and memberships comes with some huge benefits: 

  • Full control over your brand with 100% site customization 
  • No promotion of other people’s content 
  • Freedom to share, rent, or sell whatever you want 

But more than any of those – we think the biggest value of a D2C strategy is the ownership of fan data – email, phone etc. 

When using big platforms like Instagram or YouTube, you work hard to build your following, but then you’re fully reliant on them to put your content and message in front of those fans. With one change to an algorithm, your ability to reach your audience can be decimated. 

On the other hand – when you own the data, you own the relationship. 

Want to send your fans an email? Do it. Want to send them a text? Do it.  

Enter: Laylo

We’re huge fans of Laylo as a CRM and messaging platform for announcing big moments. 

Every month, artists and creators use Laylo to notify millions of fans the second they release new content, merch, and events. Using the platform, Flume and Odesza sold out global tours, Kodak Black drove millions of streams, Calvin Harris sold millions in collectibles, and Celina Spookyboo sold out her merch line in minutes.

Using the platform you can: 

  • Import or collect your fan’s contact information 
  • Create ‘drops’ for moments like Livestreams, merch drops, or music releases 
  • Communicate directly with fans to inspire them to take action 

Adding Fans to Laylo

There are several ways to get your fanbase into Laylo. 

  • Laylo ‘Drop’ RSVP: This is the best way to build your Laylo fan list. You create a ‘Drop’ for a specific moment – like livestreams or merch drops – which creates a landing page where fans can sign up to get notifications about it. Those fans are then added to your Laylo fan database so you can message them in the future. 
  • Laylo general sign up form: When you create your Laylo account you’re automatically given a sign up page where fans can give you their phone number or email to be notified of upcoming announcements. 
  • Import a CSV: If you already have a list of customers with contact information and permission to contact them, you can upload it directly to Laylo using a spreadsheet. Here’s a guide explaining how.  
  • Shopify Integration: Another way to get your customers into Laylo is through their simple Shopify integration. On any pro plan ($25 a month), you can connect your Laylo account directly to Shopify and pull in your customer list. Here’s a guide explaining how.   (note: a cool feature of the integration is you can also track how much revenue Laylo messages have driven to your store). 


Messaging Fans

There are two ways to message fans using Laylo: 

  • General message: It’s easy to compose, segment and schedule targeted messages to your fanbase using Laylo. These can be about anything you want – though make sure you’re adding value with your messages to avoid opt outs. Here’s a guide on Laylo messaging
  • Drop message: Each Drop has a specific launch day and time. When that moment occurs, all of your fans are sent a message, which you draft in the creation process. Here’s a guide on creating a drop

5 ways to use Laylo to promote the products you’re creating with Single: 

  • Livestreams: Create a drop for your upcoming livestream. It will give you a better idea of how many people are coming through RSVPs + remind them to tune in once you go live. 
  • Music release: Create a drop for your album pre-release or street day. Include a link to your Shopify store so fans show up and purchase on day 1. 
  • Membership launch: People in your Laylo database have a high likelihood of joining your paid Fan Club or Membership program. When you’re ready to launch, hit them with a message describing your program and perks + a link to your Shopify store where they can sign up. 
  • Membership perk release: Launching a new perk for your Fan Club? Drop a note to your Laylo fans. If they’re already a member, they will be notified of their new perk. If they’re not, it’s a way to entice them to join. 
  • Video drop: Dropping a new video or rental on your store? Let folks know with an advance Drop sign up or general message to the community. 
  • NFT Collection: Releasing your collection? Adding a new holder perk? Let folks know with an advance Drop sign up or general message to the community. 


Ready to get going? 

Here’s a quick start guide to getting going.

As a Single customer, you get 20,000 Message Credits for signing up. Just email us your username to and we will get it set up for you.