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Boosting Album Pre-Orders with a High Note: The Jelly Roll 4/20 Event

Boosting Album Pre-Orders with a High Note: The Jelly Roll 4/20 Event

Jelly Roll, the American singer, rapper, and songwriter known for his collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry, recently teamed up with Single, Manhead Merch, and MTheory to create a unique 4/20 event. 

Their goal was to host a hype-worthy livestream that would draw in fans from all over the world and supercharge pre-order sales for Jelly Roll's highly-anticipated album, Whitsitt Chapel. 


Evaluating Streaming Platforms

The team explored various solutions like, searching for a streaming platform that would deliver a memorable event, engage fans, and drive pre-orders for Jelly Roll's new album, Whitsitt Chapel

They needed a platform that would not only offer an enjoyable fan experience, but also boost sales. Enter Single.


Why Single?

Having collaborated with Single on past artist initiatives, the team knew that integrating Single into Jelly Roll's Shopify store would enable:

  • Video content to boost album and merchandise sales
  • Increased revenue by avoiding third-party platforms
  • A seamless shopping experience for fans


Implementing the Solution

The Jelly Roll team chose Single's livestreaming and live shopping solutions, allowing the artist to host an interactive shopping experience alongside their merchandise, pre-order campaign, and sales reporting. In less than a day, Single quickly revamped their existing storefront for the live event, providing a seamless shopping experience that allowed fans to buy Jelly Roll's album during the livestream.


Single's direct integration with the Shopify store offered numerous benefits, including:

  • Collecting fan contact information for future updates and offers
  • Directing fans to a single dedicated destination owned by the artists
  • Adding over new contacts to their shop mailing list


Pre-Stream Marketing

The Jelly Roll team promoted the stream by posting to social channels and including a full homepage banner takeover on the site. 


The 4/20 Event

Jelly Roll hosted a free livestream on his website and online store,, where fans could interact with him and his team in real-time. By requiring fans to log in or sign up to join the chat, the event generated over 1,000 mailing list signups and automated abandoned cart notifications.

As a playful nod to the 4/20 holiday, the team even incorporated some tongue-in-cheek moments where they got high on camera for 30 minutes. Fans loved it, and Jelly Roll took the opportunity to show off his latest products, like box sets, vinyls, and merch — all included in his new pre-order campaign. 


Post-Stream Marketing

Once the stream was over, they continued promoting on social media by sharing highlights from the video and letting fans know it would only be available for a short time period. The extra push drove extra views and extra sales. 


The Results 

Jelly Roll's unique 4/20 event yielded impressive results:  

  • 2,000+ total views
  • 1,000+ unique viewers
  • 2,000+ new mailing list subscribers
  • 1,000+ digital albums sold to date   

This unique event clearly demonstrated the immense power of creative live shopping experiences. Not only did it drive pre-order sales and energize fans, but it also had an impact on Jelly Roll's chart performance. The 4/20 event helped propel Jelly Roll's debut album to achieve the following record-breaking accomplishments:

  • Secured the No. 1 position on Billboard's Top Rock & Alternative Albums chart.
  • Reached No. 2 on the Billboard Country Album chart.
  • Attained a top 3 position on Billboard's 200 all-genre list with 90,000 album equivalents.

These remarkable achievements serve as definitive proof that there are no limits when it comes to building online hype. Jelly Roll and his team are experts at taking it to new heights.


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