Feature Announcement: Digital & Physical Bundling

Feature Announcement: Digital & Physical Bundling

Bundling made simple.

Over the past few months we’ve been quietly piloting a highly-requested feature with select artists. 

After a long summer of research and development, we are excited to announce our official support for digital & physical bundling! 

Thanks again to for KING & COUNTRY, RL Grime, Masego, and the many others who participated in the beta for the invaluable feedback provided.

There’s a lot to unpack with this update, but here are the main points:

1. Instant Digital Copy

In 30s you can now attach a digital release to any (or all) physical products in your shop! If you've ever used our physical reporting tool, you'll know how simple this process is.

Search your existing inventory, confirm whether the product contains a physical copy, and save! 

Single will automatically categorize your bundles into Digital Only or w/ Physical Copy and report in accordance with the updated SoundScan rules.

2. Transparent Reporting Counts

We've added new "Digital Release Stats" sections to help clarify reporting counts for digital standalone v. attachments. You can see which bundles have been the most successful and their individual reported sales categorized as Standalone Digital, Attachments (Digital Only), and Attachments (w/ Physical Copy).

3. Smarter Fulfillment

Many artists and merchandising companies use fulfillment apps like ShipStation to manage their inventory across the web. We ensure compatibility with these apps by only updating fulfillment status for standalone digital releases - this includes instant grats & pre-orders!

4. Variant Support

We've added support for variant-level tagging to the Physical Reporting & Create Digital Attachment tools. This makes it possible to create album "one-pagers" with each format as a separate variant (e.g. digital, vinyl + digital, CD + digital, etc.)

Happy bundling!

-Single Music