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Capture donations, build a community, & monetize content.

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Key features for Nonprofits & Organizations

You're working hard to drive your cause forward or create an excellent experience for your community. We're here to help.

Use Single to turn your Shopify store into a media destination where current and prospective supporters can buy products, watch video, or join recurring membership programs.


Launch a Club for your organization with with recurring payments to monetize content, commerce, and audience the way you want to.

Offer perks like video content, livestreams, free downloads, store discounts, ticket presales, real-life experiences, and more.

Recurring Donations

Create a membership so your supporters can give recurring donations on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Free Livestreams

Host donation drives and new merch drops or extend the reach of your physical gatherings by livestreaming them to a global audience.

Ticketed Livestream

Turn your store into a virtual venue with a ticketed livestream of a real-life event or content from the archive.

Video Library

Have a library of content from your past events or teachings? Host them on your store in the style of a streaming platform like Netflix.

Simply upload your video, choose products to promote below them, then add our Video Collection app block to your storefront.

Your Org. Your Data.

Don't let a platform get between you and fans. Host a direct-to-fan experience where you own the relationship, the data, the design, and the experience.

Use Shopify's powerful theme editor to build a fully customized site that perfectly matches your brand. Export your customer lists anytime.

Single app has been a great partner for Cactus Jack / Travis Scott for many years. Their seamless Shopify integration works great, and custom admin interface is super intuitive. We really value their ability to navigate the music reporting landscape, and their team is always available to help. Highly recommend for any musician or creator.

Cactus Jack team

Single has not only saved us thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees, it also gave us full ownership of our fan data and the experience of our audience. I wouldn’t work with anyone else.

Dashboard Confessional team

Single was extremely easy to setup and navigate, which made it effortless to ensure all of our sales were reported correctly. We will definitely be using Single for future releases and initiatives.

Jonas Brothers team

Working with Single Music was a dream come true. The process of distributing music to clients and reporting to Nielsen and Soundscan is a daunting task and Single was able to do it seamlessly and for an extremely fair rate. They will be integrated from day 1 on all of our ongoing campaigns.

Lil Pump team

Single is wildly helpful in streamlining digital sales and physical reporting.

Remi Wolf team

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