Live Shopping for Shopify

Stream Where Sales Happen - With Your Brand Front and Center

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Everything you need to go live and sell more.

Fully white-labeled

Keep all eyes on you and your products with our clean, logo-free player. Deliver glitch-free HD video optimized for any device.

Shoppable products

Promote your top products directly under the stream. Let viewers shop your curated picks instantly, all without leaving the stream.

No ads or de-monetization

Broadcast freely—no annoying ads or playback issues—and deliver an uninterrupted shoppable event.

Easy integration

Embed your live video anywhere in your store, providing viewers with a friction-free experience.

Livestream chat

Connect directly with viewers through live conversation. Answer questions, get feedback, and build lasting connections.

100% your platform & data

Own your content, audience, and insights. We offer clear analytics and shopper data to help you re-engage viewers with targeted offers.

The Ultimate Live Shopping Setup

Combine video, live chat, and shoppable products for an unbeatable streaming experience.

Live Chat

Engage your audience and build your mailing list.

HD Video & Audio

Natively hosted player inside of your store with no ads or branding.

Promoted Products

Items featured prominently below the stream for quick sales.

Quick Add to Cart

Make it easy for your audience to build a cart while you stream.

Explore the Possibilities with Live Shopping


Give fans exclusive album previews, limited merch drops, and backstage access to hype new releases. It's the ultimate way to move merch, build fandom, and standout from the noise.

Labels & merch companies

Drive sales, connect with artists and fans in real-time, unveil limited edition releases, and ignite excitement around your roster. Driving revenue, build a dedicated fan base, and standout success in the industry.

Fitness instructors & coaches

Interact with your clients in real-time, showcase the latest gear, and unveil exclusive training programs. Boost sales of products, content or programs, while building a stronger bond with your community.

Video creators

Give your viewers insider access to you and your process through unfiltered livestreams direct from your channel. Strengthen your connection and sell merch effortlessly along the way.

Festivals & events

Host shopping streams leading up to your event where you announce the lineup, promote discounts, or feature special guests - or stream your actual event live and let fans buy products while watching.

Nonprofits & organizations

Invite your supporters to real-time shopping events where they can show support by purchasing products, donating, or signing up for future events.

Frequently Asked Questions

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