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Monetize your video content with Single & Shopify.

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Key features for Creators

Whether you're managine an archive, teaching classes, releasing weekly comedy, reviewing music, or doing private dances, Shopify and Single have you covered for monetizing your video content.

Your Brand. Your Data.

Don't let a platform get between you and fans. Host a direct-to-fan experience where you own the relationship, the data, the design, and the experience.

Use Shopify's powerful theme editor to build a fully customized site that perfectly matches your brand. Export your customer lists anytime.


Take your video library to the next level with a fully owned subscription services directly through your Shopify store.

Drive additional sales with member perks like exclusive products, store-wide discounts, or product bundles.

Pay Per View

Rent access to more premium content. Just name your price, rental duration, and press publish.


Host free livestreams and sell your, or other people's, products directly below the player. Live shopping anyone?

Sell tickets to a higher-production events like a film debut, comedy special, or live performance.

Content Bundles

Anything you sell on Shopify can be bundled with your videos. Pair a rental with a t-shirt or a livestream with a poster.

No ads, ever.

You work hard to make great videos. We make sure that work isn't tarnished with spammy ads, unruly comments, or promotion of other people's content.

Single app has been a great partner for Cactus Jack / Travis Scott for many years. Their seamless Shopify integration works great, and custom admin interface is super intuitive. We really value their ability to navigate the music reporting landscape, and their team is always available to help. Highly recommend for any musician or creator.

Cactus Jack team

Single has not only saved us thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees, it also gave us full ownership of our fan data and the experience of our audience. I wouldn’t work with anyone else.

Dashboard Confessional team

Single was extremely easy to setup and navigate, which made it effortless to ensure all of our sales were reported correctly. We will definitely be using Single for future releases and initiatives.

Jonas Brothers team

Working with Single Music was a dream come true. The process of distributing music to clients and reporting to Nielsen and Soundscan is a daunting task and Single was able to do it seamlessly and for an extremely fair rate. They will be integrated from day 1 on all of our ongoing campaigns.

Lil Pump team

Single is wildly helpful in streamlining digital sales and physical reporting.

Remi Wolf team

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