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By Norse: Turning Epic Past Gigs into On-Demand Hits on Shopify

By Norse: Turning Epic Past Gigs into On-Demand Hits on Shopify

Meet By Norse, the place to be for everything cool in Norse culture.

Founded by Einar Selvik, Ivar Bjørnson, and Simon Füllemann, they've thrown some awesome events, brewed a unique ale called “Alu by Norse”, and started a music label with bands like Enslaved and Wardruna.


The Challenge

With a repository of festival and tour videos, By Norse wanted a way to monetize the content through a direct-to fan experience. They also wanted to ensure fans had flexibility to view the content across devices like phones, Apple TV, and Chromecast.


The Solution

By Norse zeroed in on Single’s ticketed rental tool for monetizing video on Shopify. 

Having already used Single for digital music downloads, expanding their use of the platform made sense. Using Single, they were able to:

  • Integrate Shopping and Viewing: A seamless user experience from purchase to playback.

  • Control Rental Duration: By Norse determined the rental access period, setting it at 48 hours.

  • Monetize the Archives: With Single, By Norse could effectively monetize past performances.

  • Maintain Content Control: Content rights and access remained squarely in By Norse's hands.


Fans can now dive back into legendary performances like  Enslaved - Below The Lights -- and By Norse has a new revenue channel, further solidifying their online platform as the essential hub for Norse culture enthusiasts.


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