Coinbase Commerce & Shopify


HODL or support your favorite artist?

Shopify has announced yet another way for merchants to accept cryptocurrencies - through an integration with Coinbase Commerce.

We’re still on the bleeding edge here, and many people remain unfamiliar with how to use crypto or why it’s important. For now, we imagine this feature will be mainly used by early adopters. But at Single, we see this as an important step towards increasing access to music.

Crypto payment integration will empower people who want to purchase music but may not have access to basic financial tools. Installing and running a cryptocurrency wallet is relatively simple, compared to opening a bank account or credit card.

People purchasing music might also wish to remain anonymous. Music can be controversial. Music can be created to unite people who stand up together and resist oppressive force. Look no further than America just 155 years ago. See Pussy Riot in Russia for a recent example - depending on where you are, expression of controversial views can put you in danger. We believe in removing restrictions on purchasing music while directly benefiting artists.

More music, more access, less restrictions.

- Joe Pillatsch, Single Music