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"Dead Till Death" - A Horror Movie Marketing Masterstroke by Liquid Death

"Dead Till Death" - A Horror Movie Marketing Masterstroke by Liquid Death

Imagine a horror movie about canned water. That's what Liquid Death did with "Dead Till Death.” It's daring, different, and all about standing out.

In the world of horror movies, we've seen everything from haunted tires to killer slugs. So, in 2021, Liquid Death surprised us with a horror film about… canned water.




Liquid Death, with its "Murder Your Thirst" slogan aimed to stand out in a crowded beverage market. Their mission was clear: maintain their edgy brand identity and attract online consumers beyond traditional advertising.


Solutions Explored

The solution came in an unusual form: a horror movie. Tapping into the popularity of the horror genre and the love for unconventional storytelling, Liquid Death decided to create a promotional film. They roped in Will Carsola, co-creator of "Mr. Pickles", to explore film as a medium for their next campaign.

With "Dead Till Death" set to premiere, they needed a creative way to live-stream it, engage customers, and reinforce their brand. They chose Single, an all-in-one solution for live premieres, chat, and shopping, seamlessly integrated with their Shopify store.


Solutions Implemented

On July 11th, "Dead Till Death" premiered exclusively to an audience who purchased standalone and bundled tickets through Liquid Death's online store, powered by Single's live stream solution for Shopify.

The film followed five friends on a camping trip that turned into a deadly escape from evil killers, providing a perfect backdrop to promote Liquid Death's products and brand.


Creative Touches

Fans got more than just a movie.

  • Movie-Merch Integration: They could snag a ticket and a special poster, or even a "Chainsaw Massacre Hat," all while watching the film. 
  • Interactive Experience: And with a live chat rolling, viewers from Nebraska to Florida got chatting, ramping up the fun and community spirit.



Liquid Death's horror movie did more than just entertain. It turned their marketing into an event people wanted to join. It wasn't just about selling water; it was about creating a brand experience, one that stood out in the clutter of ads and promos.

In Summary

"Dead Till Death" did more than showcase Liquid Death's products. It redefined ad creativity. As a blueprint, it tells brands: Think big. Be bold. And always, always engage your customers in memorable ways.


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