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Event Spotlight: Dead Till Death

Event Spotlight: Dead Till Death

It’s safe to say there’s been a horror movie about nearly everything. A haunted tire? 2010’s Rubber has that covered. How about 1988’s Slugs, which is about, you guessed it, killer slugs. Well, it’s 2021, and anything goes, so why not make a horror movie about canned water?

Beverage company Liquid Death is the mastermind behind the short promotional film Dead Till Death, written by Mr. Pickles co-creator Will Carsola. Liquid Death, whose slogan is “Murder Your Thirst”, prides itself on being a sustainable alternative to plastic bottled water while maintaining a cult-like following with their creative and admittedly outrageous marketing campaigns.

On July 11th, Dead Till Death premiered to an exclusive audience that purchased tickets directly from Liquid Death’s online store, demonstrating yet another way that monetized video can be utilized in a post-pandemic world to attract customers to your shop.

The movie follows characters Tom, Brad, Nancy, Quig, and Hal as they decide to leave the big city for a weekend and set up a campsite deep in the woods in an attempt to disconnect from technology. What they initially thought was going to be a weekend getaway camping with friends, turns into the crew being hunted by a pack of evil killers. As the description says, “Instead of reinventing their lives, they must run for them.”



Viewers had the option to purchase either a stand-alone ticket or a bundle with a limited edition poster. The event merchandise also maintained the horror movie theme with items like the “Chainsaw Massacre Hat.”


Their usual merch was also available for purchase below the player, including t-shirts, hoodies, and stickers.

Fans from across the country, including Nebraska, Michigan, and Florida, joined in and connected via the live chat while viewing the movie in real-time. It gave viewers an interactive experience while continuing to build up the Liquid Death fan base.


Liquid Death managed to turn its marketing campaign into something that customers sought out and wanted to be a part of, showing that a creative approach to advertising can draw in potential customers much more than your typical commercial or banner ad. If you're curious about other ways you can use our platform outside of the music space, check out our other tools here!