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Event Spotlight: Def Leppard's High 'n' Dry 40th Anniversary Retrospective Livestream

Event Spotlight: Def Leppard's High 'n' Dry 40th Anniversary Retrospective Livestream

It’s July 6, 1981, and Def Leppard is riding high on release day for their second studio album, High 'n' Dry, following the buzz of their debut (On Through The Night) some 15 months earlier. As expected, High N Dry would go on to be a smash success, charting at #38 on the Billboard 200 while hitting #26 on the UK Albums Charts. Eventually, its title track would be ranked #33 on Vh1’s “40 Greatest Metal Songs of All Time.”

Fast forward 40 years and the album still resonates with Def Leppard and rock fans across generations. To celebrate the milestone anniversary of the album, (and as a follow-up to their “All I’ve Got Is A Photograph” event in July) the band hosted a retrospective event hosted in the Def Leppard Vault featuring brand new interviews and behind the scenes stories from the event.

Take a quick look at the setup, promo, and event below!

Announce, on-sale and promo for tickets and merch bundles:

Player interface, as fans could being interacting with each other from around the world even before the video portion had begun:

Joe, Rick, and Sav revealed behind-the-scenes stories, while Phil discussed the album’s impact on their own musical trajectory and the world of rock and roll. Fans were understandably thrilled when their pre-submitted questions were chosen for the Q&A portion!

Along with the merch bundles, the show had a 48 hour replay period, a strategy we absolutely recommend when thinking about your video strategy!

Cheers to you on the 40th anniversary, Def Leppard!

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