Introducing Single Music's Fan Insights

Introducing Single Music's Fan Insights

They’re out there somewhere.

They’re wearing your t-shirt (the one they bought directly from your store, of course) while spinning your last record (which was conveniently bundled with the shirt purchase). Your debut album watches over their room in the form of a framed limited-edition vinyl, they tuned into all your livestreams over the last year, and naturally, they’ve got tickets to the tour you just announced (welcome back to the road, by the way).

If you haven’t figured out who they are quite yet, “they” are the people who care the most. They are your superfans, and they’re hiding in plain sight.

Isn’t it time you meet them?

It’s time for your analytics to work smarter and work harder. We’re excited to roll out our Fan Insights Dashboard, designed to help you do exactly that: identify your superfans and create real, lasting relationships based on purchase data directly from your store.

Aggregate overviews from streaming platforms and third party retailers can only take you so far as you’re able to zoom out, connect dots, and make educated guesses based on high-level data sets. But it’s 2021…isn’t it time to eliminate the guesswork?

More than ever, data should — and will — continue to inform the decisions you make around your career. So if that’s the case, let’s be more informed, shall we? Using deeply layered and detailed purchase data directly from your store, we can help you set aside aggregate overviews about your fans in favor of factual, detailed data sets.

Take a spin through some of the Fan Insights features:


Top Fans

Want to know the name, location and total revenue generated on a per-fan basis? You should — and our dashboard is designed for exactly this kind of superfan connection.



World Sales Heat Map

Real-time order, revenue and fan data make your at-a-glance overall sales from around the globe easier than ever to track and fully understand.



Top Cities & Regions

Easily shift geographical boundaries to view store and fan data at a world, country, state/region or city level in real-time or based on selected date range parameters.



Purchase Activity

Visualizing an overall trend over time is vital to an artist’s success. Within your chosen date range parameters, quickly view overall purchase activity, sortable by item category.




Sales-by-type Breakdown

View a percentage breakdown of which categories of goods are driving your sales to help inform your release strategies and merchandising decisions.




Top Merch Items

Quickly view which specific items are your top sellers to help determine what’s connecting with your fans, making bundling and marketing easier and more profitable.


If you have a historical snapshot of your fanbase based on actual purchase data, imagine the possibilities for…

Release strategies: your previous top purchasers are the ones most likely to help you spread the word about a new record that’s coming by sharing your new track that you send directly to their inbox. Crowdsourcing the album? These are the ones most likely to be your backers. And of course, on release day, these are the ones checking their inbox at 12:01am for their download — and their mailbox every day thereafter for their physical music and merch bundle you’ll be sending their way.

Merchandising decisions: curious about your most successful type of merch from your last album cycle? Need to know the exact amount of size Medium hoodies you sold on your Pacific Northwest run? Treating your top fans in Florida to a new tank top? All of this data is at your fingertips to eliminate guesswork, trim waste and become a smart merchandiser.

Tour Routing and Marketing: visualizing fan locations will be invaluable as you plot your road moves. Indie bands may need to make a choice between cities, and could default to the one with more fans (or find a smart spot directly between two of their stronger markets). Artists at any level can make smarter marketing decisions for how far people may travel to see them — or, since they can’t hit everyone on every tour, they can identify markets they’re missing in person and treat those cities to a livestream event before, during, or after tour.

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