Feature Announcement: Lossless Audio

Feature Announcement: Lossless Audio

Studio quality sound. Now available to everyone.

We’re constantly asking our users what new features would help make Single even better. An overwhelming response has been lossless audio - we listened.

Single Music now supports lossless audio downloads for your fans.

After someone purchases your music, they now have the option to “Select Audio Format” - MP3, WAV, or FLAC.

And the best part… If your music is already released, you don’t have to do anything.

We’ve pushed an update to our digital standalone template for this, but have no fear - whether your music is being sold as a standalone album OR as part of a bundle, fans will have their choice of format.

Stay tuned to our blog this week - we’re taking a deeper look into the history of lossy formats, and why lossless audio is so important to artists and fans alike.

Have any more features you’d like to see added? We’re all ears.

- The Single Team

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