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From Fans to (Bird)Fam: The Power of Free Memberships

From Fans to (Bird)Fam: The Power of Free Memberships

When it comes to memberships, most monetization strategies tend to focus on premium models. But free memberships have benefits worth exploring.

Futurebirds spotted this untapped potential and adopted Single's Memberships tool, creating a no-cost program for fans. This strategy wasn't about immediate profits; it was about drawing fans in and offering them premium content in exchange for just their email. 


Customer Problem

Futurebirds had a clear vision: they wanted more than just an email list; they desired a meaningful channel to connect with their fans.

They envisioned a platform that went beyond basic email updates, but was more simple than a fully robust fan club. Their goal was to provide exclusive perks like early ticket access, unique videos, and signed items - all while owning the relationship with their fans (as opposed to something like Spotify Fans First or YouTube Memberships where they wouldn't get fan contact info). 


Solutions Explored

Recognizing the potential of a free membership to transform into a thriving fan community, Futurebirds turned to Single's Memberships tool and seamlessly integrated it with their Shopify store.

Their objective was straightforward: offer fans high-quality content, create a sense of belonging to the Futurebirds family, and create a system that could easily expand into a paid membership should they decide to eventually want that.


Solution Implemented

Using Single's Memberships product, Futurebirds launched the "Birdfam" on their website. They easily added member-only video content, exclusive blog posts, presale codes, and other perks for members with just a few clicks. 


Special and Creative Approaches

Futurebirds took a unique approach to engage their fans. Their free membership came with perks typically associated with premium memberships, such as exclusive video content and early ticket access.

Birdfam members also get discounted tickets for the "Highball" festival, featuring prominent acts like Band of Horses and The Head and the Heart.



The "Birdfam" membership by Futurebirds showcases the power of free memberships and sets the stage for future success:

  • Creation of a direct revenue stream owned by the band.
  • Acquisition of valuable insights into their most dedicated fans.
  • Strengthened fan bonds through personalized experiences.
  • Positioning Futurebirds for future revenue-generating strategies.

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