From The Lab: Product Notes for April 21

From The Lab: Product Notes for April 21

Welcome to "From The Lab" -- our recurring developer notes feature that will keep you up to date on what's new and what's coming soon at Single! 


ISRC and UPC Requirement Changes 

Release: Out now

In response to oft-requested feedback from beatmakers, producers, loop & track musicians and more, we have removed the ISRC and UPC requirements for uploading tracks to a storefront. Note: sales without these identifiers are not chart-eligible. 

"We get it - chart reporting isn't important to everyone. This change makes the platform more broadly usable for audio delivery outside of singles and albums tracked for the charts." (Joe Pillatsch, Director of Recorded Music & Web 3 @ Single)


Deliver Additional Files with Digital Albums

Release: Week of 4/25 (projected)

We’ll soon offer the option to attach a variety of files to your digital audio delivery, whether it's for added-value items or those core to your business. Look out for a detailed file list and restrictions as they may relate to chart-eligible sales. Note: this file requires a bronze or higher subscription level.

"Expanding our digital delivery system to include more file attachments will increase what you can offer from your D2C store - it's a feature we're really excited about!" (Taylor O'Connor, CTO @ Single)


As always, keep up with the latest at, and reach out to our support team here with any questions.  

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