From The Lab: Product Notes for May 5

From The Lab: Product Notes for May 5

Stay up to do date on feature updates and releases coming your way soon!

Solana Token-Gated Content 

Release: Mid-May

NFTs are the key you're selling to your fans — but what's behind the door? The utility of token-gated commerce tools enable Artists to gate access to exclusive livestreams, video-on-demand, products and hidden pages. 

"From the day we started down the Web3 path at Single our main goal has been to treat NFTs as a key to unlock content and products. We see this as the building blocks for entirely new opportunities around pre-orders, unique content experiences, and fan clubs." (Tommy Stalknecht, CEO @ Single) 

Phantom Mobile Wallet Released

Release: out now!

Okay, so this one isn't technically our update, but definitely impactful for the Single user base: Phantom Wallet has released their Android OS mobile wallet! The world's friendliest crypto wallet meeting the world's most popular OS means the power of Single, Phantom & Solana are now available right from your pocket.

As always, keep up with the latest at, and reach out to our support team here with any questions.  


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