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From TikTok Virality to Members-Only Livestreams on Shopify

From TikTok Virality to Members-Only Livestreams on Shopify

Burn the Jukebox, an indie sensation that captivated TikTok audiences, faced a common challenge - moving beyond social media to control their content, community, and revenue.

Their answer? Single's Membership solution for Shopify.


At the heart of Burn the Jukebox's success was an intimate bond with their fans, cultivated through fun and candid TikTok interactions. The band needed a platform that could preserve this connection, offer an elevated fan experience beyond the confines of social media, and adapt as they explored creating exclusive content, merch, and experiences.

Solutions Explored

Initially selling merch through WooCommerce, Burn the Jukebox soon saw limitations. Recognizing Shopify’s music integrations with Spotify and TikTok, they switched platforms.

Single made this transition even smoother, offering solutions not only for selling music direct-to-fan but that also aligned with Burn the Jukebox's vision of transforming their merchandise store into a haven for superfans.


Solutions Implemented

With Single's Membership tools for Shopify, Burn the Jukebox introduced a three-tiered membership named " BTJ BACKSTAGE." This membership offered exclusive behind-the-scenes content and a monthly show, "Live At Carter's House." From early access to music and merchandise to special discounts, each tier catered to different levels of fandom:

  • BTJ Backstage - BTJ Roadie: Priced at $2.99, this tier offered exclusive content, early access to new releases, and special merchandise discounts.
  • BTJ Backstage - BTJ Stage Manager: At $9.99, members enjoyed a virtual show with special guests, early access perks, and a special lanyard.
  • BTJ Backstage - BTJ Band Member: The premium $29.99 tier was a treat for super fans, encompassing everything from autographed merchandise to virtual and live meet-and-greets with the band.

To promote their new membership program, the band leveraged TikTok's influence, sharing a video and employing a smart URL for seamless navigation. 


Join BTJ Backstage for exclusive content and access to our new monthly show, Live At Carter's House🙌 LiNk In BiO🔥

♬ original sound - Burn the Jukebox


They also incentivized sign-ups by rewarding fans with complimentary lanyards and merchandise.


  • Direct revenue stream owned by the band
  • Valuable insights into their biggest fans
  • Stronger fan bonds through personalized experiences

In Summary

Burn the Jukebox's journey underscores the potential of platforms like Single's Membership for Shopify. By intertwining commerce with fandom, the band not only created a revenue stream they own but fortified the intimate bond it shared with its audience.


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