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Puscifer's "Global Probing" Premier - A New Spin on Music Videos and Mockumentaries

Puscifer's "Global Probing" Premier - A New Spin on Music Videos and Mockumentaries

Puscifer didn't just release new tunes and a video when they dropped "Global Probing." They were up to something bigger - a full-on digital event.

The goal? Bring fans to their Shopify store for the ticketed "Global Probing" experience by leveraging free content to drive traffic and sales.



Puscifer has always been good at getting people to their online shop. But "Global Probing" was a new kind of challenge. How could they use a music video and a mockumentary to not only grab fans’ attention but also drive sales? 


Solutions Explored

Puscifer was looking for a tool that could do it all: handle video streaming, fan interactions, and make shopping easy. They landed on Single's video tools for Shopify – perfect for their multifaceted release strategy.


Solutions Implemented

With Single's Livestream product, Puscifer's plan included:

Free Premieres to Fuel Excitement:

They kicked things off premiering their music video on 10/15 and the mockumentary on 10/26 -- both for no charge. These free showcases were more than just previews; they were invitations to dive deep into Puscifer's digital world.

Turn Free into Fee:

Puscifer cleverly also used the free video premieres to sell tickets to the "Global Probing" event via a variety of ticket and bundle options. This move not only extended the life and value of their content while also moving some merch, but it added an exclusive layer for fans who wanted more.



    Creative Touches

    By offering the first glimpses for free, Puscifer pulled fans into their Shopify world, seamlessly mixing entertainment with shopping. The later ticketed stream added a sense of exclusivity and urgency, converting initial interest into revenue.

    Global Probing Puscifer Video On Demand Ticketed Stream on Shopify



    The outcomes were impressive. Free premieres on different days ensured sustained interest, leading to:


    • Higher traffic and sales on their Shopify store.
    • Enhanced fan engagement, with a mix of free and exclusive content.
    • Additional revenue and content longevity through ticketed access.

      In Summary

      Puscifer demonstrates how artists can use diverse content strategies – from free premieres to exclusive, ticketed streams – to enhance fan experiences and drive sales. For more Puscifer, check out


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