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HAIM’s Fortitude in the Face of Adversity

HAIM’s Fortitude in the Face of Adversity

The pandemic raises an unprecedented challenge for musicians, but HAIM refuses to slow down.

For over ten years, San Fernando Valley natives Danielle, Este, and Alana Haim have been turning the heads of rock music fans across the globe. Ever since Danielle and Este’s beginnings as the pop-rock group “Valli Girls” in the mid 2000’s, the initial formation of “HAIM” with Alana in 2007, and finally establishing the band full-time in 2012, the sisters have stood as a triumphant voice in music. 2012’s “Forever” EP landed them a signing with British record label Polydor, and their rise as artists only grew from there. Following a string of successful live shows and collaborations with some of music’s biggest stars, they released their 2013 debut record “Days Are Gone” to widespread critical acclaim. After extensive tours and further collaborations in the following years, “Something To Tell You” was released in the summer of 2017 to high praise once again.

Given the momentum they’ve maintained for so long, it should come as no surprise that anticipation ahead of their upcoming record had reached a fever pitch. “Women In Music, Pt. III” was scheduled for release on April 24th, 2020, and singles such as “Summer Girl,” “Now I’m In It” and “Hallelujah” set the stage for yet another thrilling project. Unfortunately, the global pandemic forced many musicians to re-consider their plans, and HAIM were no exception. For the safety of their fans and the general public, the band announced their decision to temporarily delay the release of “WIMPIII,” ultimately settling on a June 26th album drop.

Now What?

With their initial plan of celebrating their new music by performing in delis across the country – an homage to their first performance ever – no longer possible, it would have been easy to lay low and resume their mission once the crisis subsides. Well, the word “easy” must not be in HAIM’s vocabulary, as they’ve done anything but let up.

Video conference apps and other live video platforms have made it possible for artists to perform live during quarantine, allowing HAIM to bring their new music to fans during a recent segment on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” Going above and beyond solely live instrumentation, the band utilized light and smoke effects during the performance of their recent single “I Know Alone” on stream, providing an experience that’s as close to their typical concerts as possible. Vintage synthesizers and drum machines replaced their typical guitars and drum kit, making for an entirely singular presentation fans at home won’t soon forget.

Taking these outlets even further, the band organized a series of online dance classes through the popular “Zoom” software, announced on May 13th in a light-hearted promotional video across their social media accounts. The weekly program met online every Sunday, and gave fans the opportunity to learn dances choreographed by the band. With so many people held under lockdown, HAIM brought their music into the homes of their fans, and gave them the opportunity to interact with the band directly in a manner that was previously impossible. It may seem silly to some, but the ability to escape the circumstances we’ve been trapped in for so long and have fun is more valuable now than ever. It’s tongue-in-cheek ingenuity like this that reminds people that brighter days are ahead.

For the Fans

Besides spending time with their fans in these ways, new merchandise for “WIMPIII” was teased across social media for months. A handful of photos displaying these new offerings appeared as the weeks drew closer to the record’s release: Tee-shirts, mugs, and hats are only a fraction of what’s available. By drawing fans in through wearing the clothing themselves, visitors to their website are quick to learn that the outlet serves as a hub for everything HAIM.

Upon opening the site in the weeks leading up to the album release, landing pages showcased their latest single and upcoming album, allowing visitors to engage with their content and pre-order or pre-save the record. The site itself is crafted to suit the theme of “WIMPIII,” displaying photos of the album cover and linking to their social media accounts where fans can explore these themes further. The ability to register for updates on releases, order pre-sale tickets for future shows, take part in exclusive events and more invites supporters to tie deeply into the HAIM universe, keeping them on top of information shared by the band as it happens.

As far as music is concerned, HAIM developed even deeper ways to give fans a direct connection to them. By bundling merchandise with physical releases of their music, fans can have the best of both worlds. The choice of the physical they wish to bundle is up to them, giving them far greater flexibility in their purchase, rather than a bundle that’s limited to a pre-determined physical offering. Doing so encourages more fans to partake, as they can select the pairing that’s perfect for them.

A colored red vinyl with a signed postcard, standard black vinyl, CD, or a cassette signed by one of the band members are all available as options for the bundle, or individually. Of course, these orders are paired with a digital download at the time of purchase through Single, giving them a hi-resolution album before their product arrives in the mail. Doing so also promotes the band on the charts, bringing their art to a far greater audience.

Exclusive cassettes, designed for and signed by individual band members, as well as signed postcards, make it possible to have a personal memento from the band without the ability to see them in person. These not only stand out in a music collection, but they give fans the ability to be a part of something unique to them. 

Burning Bright

The global circumstances surrounding HAIM’s latest efforts to deliver to their fans makes their efforts all the more impressive. Keeping active following the delay of “Women In Music, Pt. III” bolsters the excitement of fans even further, while simultaneously providing them an enticing way to support their favorite band when they need it most. HAIM simply won’t quit, and now that the record has hit the airwaves, the band can now join their fans in the well deserved celebration of their new music

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