Softspoken Migrates Fan Community from Patreon to Single

softspoken band fan club on shopify with single memberships

Bands are using Single Memberships to own their fan platforms instead of renting them from Patreon

Softspoken, a hard rock band from Cincinnati, faced a common issue on Patreon - they had a dedicated fanbase, but lacked control and customization options. They wanted to fully own their fan relationships, so they opted for Single Memberships, moving their fan community "Speakers Community" to their own Shopify store.


The Problem: Building a Fan Community on Someone Else’s Platform

Even with many loyal fans on Patreon, Softspoken found themselves limited in how they could interact and engage. They couldn't shape the fan experience to match their vision, leaving their most valuable asset – their fans – under someone else's control.


“We needed to own our fan relationships. Patreon limited how we could engage and grow with them.” - Softspoken


The Solution: Migrating to Single for Complete Ownership

To gain back control over their content, data, and community, Softspoken migrated their fan club "Speakers Community" to Shopify with Single Memberships. The renewed fan club came with four membership levels, each with unique benefits tailored to different fan preferences and budgets, allowing the band to include everyone while customizing and testing offerings with flexibility.

Softspoken band fan club tiers on Shopify with Single Memberships.     

Implementing Memberships for Flexible Monetization

The band created an exclusive community forum on Shopify where members can engage directly with Softspoken and access special experiences. Members also get access to exclusive merch and products like Speaker Crew Tees, cover song recordings, personalized video messages, and handwritten lyric sheets.

softspoken early fan listen on shopify powered by single memberships

"Everything has been great so far! Definitely much easier to keep track of the community (and integrate it into our marketing efforts) than the setup we previously were using with Patreon." - Softspoken


The Results: Full Ownership and Control

Softspoken now owns their fan relationships. This control has paved the way for deeper fan connections and better direct monetization. Breaking free from Patreon's constraints allowed them to focus on what truly matters: their fans.


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