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High Button Sports Unveils "The Vault" for On-Demand Live Hockey

High Button Sports Unveils "The Vault" for On-Demand Live Hockey

High Button Sports (HBS), a sports entertainment and video production company specializing in youth hockey, envisioned an ESPN-like hub for showcasing young talent.

Determined to create a platform that offered more than just game footage, they set out to create a unique viewing experience, featuring full game recordings, highlight reels, and post-game interviews, all accessible on-demand globally.



The challenge for HBS was to create an exclusive entertainment hub for live-streaming games and an on-demand video catalog. They required a platform that provided easy access to pay-to-view content for families and coaches while also providing a simple, effective monetization method.


Solutions Explored

The team at HBS evaluated various platforms, seeking a balance between user-friendly video access and effective monetization:

  • YouTube: A strong contender for hosting and live streaming. However, its monetization capabilities were insufficient for niche sports content.
  • Twitch: While capable of streaming, it lacked user-friendliness and direct monetization strategies suitable for HBS’s target audience.


Solution Implemented

High Button Sports turned to Single's Livestream product for ticketed event streaming. They then expanded their offering with "The Vault" – utilizing Single's Membership product to power the a recurring subscription access to their content. 

high button sports the vault memberhsip

This platform now houses an extensive collection of game footage from 5 leagues, including 58 teams. Users can subscribe for $49.99 monthly or $199 annually, gaining unparalleled access to top-tier youth hockey content across multiple devices.


Creative Execution

To launch The Vault, HBS developed an engaging introduction video explaining the membership program, benefits of joining, and the user-friendliness of the platform.



  • Expanded Access and Engagement: "The Vault" replicates an ESPN-like experience, but tailored for youth hockey, deepening fan connection with the sport.
  • Content Ownership: Single's products enabled HBS to build an exclusive member-only video hub, ensuring their content remains premium and secure.
  • Diverse Revenue Streams: The platform offers steady revenue through live stream ticketing and subscription models (monthly/yearly).
  • Direct Monetization: This unique subscription model allows for direct, continuous revenue, free from the constraints of mainstream platforms.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Designed for ease of use, the platform appeals to even those less familiar with advanced digital interfaces.


In Summary

High Button Sports' strategic implementation of Single's products in crafting "The Vault" highlights a successful approach in monetizing and delivering specialized sports content. Focusing on user experience and direct revenue avenues, HBS has pioneered a new model in sports entertainment. This initiative showcases the great possibilities within niche, subscription-based content platforms.


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