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Home Free Migrates YouTube Following to Shopify for D2C London Livestream

Home Free Migrates YouTube Following to Shopify for D2C London Livestream

Playing live at O2 Forum Kentish Town in London, Home Free had a goal: make this performance reachable to every fan, no matter the location.



With 1.6 million YouTube subscribers, Home Free has built a huge online audience ready to watch their content. Unfortunately, using YouTube or Facebook Live gave the band very little control over the branding of the fan experience and zero access to real fan data. 

The band needed a way to start pushing fans into an environment they controlled and that would give them real fan data. Instead of pushing people to YouTube, they wanted to funnel the audience to their own store to purchase tickets and watch the show -- an instrumental strategy for cementing direct relationships for future performances, offers, and promotions.   


Solutions Implemented

Using Single's live stream tool on Shopify, Home Free teased the concert's first three songs on YouTube and Facebook. Afterwards, the free stream was cut, directing fans to their Shopify storefront for the full ticketed event.

By offering virtual tickets on their own platform rather than third-parties, Home Free established direct connections with viewers. Fans paid and tuned in right on the band's official Shopify store - and enjoyed it for another 24 hours after airing.



Within hours of the concert, thousands of Home Free fans transitioned from YouTube and Facebook to their Shopify site. This move boosted ticket sales and strengthened their direct-to-consumer approach for current and upcoming events.


In Summary

Home Free’s move from YouTube to Shopify, using Single’s tools, signifies an innovative step in owning their audience ecosystem, potentially setting a trend for artists aiming to balance reach with revenue.


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