How All Them Witches Captures Fans At Live Shows With QR Codes, NFC Stickers, and NFTs

How All Them Witches Captures Fans At Live Shows With QR Codes, NFC Stickers, and NFTs

Here's how the explosive psychedelic trio All Them Witches uses QR codes, NFC Stickers, and NFTs to onboard fans into Discord while on the road.

All Them Witches made some serious noise in Europe last fall, going on tour from the UK to Spain to Denmark. On top of the amazing shows, they threw in an extra special touch — an in-person activation powered by Single's Web3 technology 


QR codes, NFC stickers, and NFTs

At each gig, fans were invited to scan QR codes and NFC stickers to claim a free NFT, dubbed their “ATW Community Token”. The NFT then provided fans with access to a special channel on Discord, opening up a whole new world for them to participate and engage with the band after the tour. 


Data-driven fan engagement

The band tracked how fans claimed their NFTs at shows, providing insight into which methods were most effective and how to improve future fan activations. They also cross-referenced Shopify data with NFT data in Single to identify which fans attended their shows. This enabled them to bring concert-goers back into Discord - a place where they can communicate with their most-devoted fans to deliver exclusive content. 

Screenshot of All Them Witches "ATW Community Token" on their Shopify webstore with Single

Developing an artist’s unique data funnel

The ATW Community Token serves as an excellent example of how artists can use technology to better understand and engage their fans. All Them Witches' data-driven approach highlights the importance of understanding an artist's unique data funnel, and how platforms such as Shopify and Single can be used to build stronger relationships beyond traditional web stores or tours.


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