How GWAR Re-Aired a Fan-Favorite Show on Shopify

How GWAR Re-Aired a Fan-Favorite Show on Shopify

GWAR, an iconic band with a dedicated global fanbase, wanted to re-air one of their shows at different times to cater to fans across various time zones.

This idea aimed to provide a shared experience for their global audience, ensuring that all fans, regardless of location, had the opportunity to enjoy the show.


Finding a Solution

In search of the right fit, GWAR explored various platforms. They needed a solution that wasn't just effective for global broadcasting but also seamlessly integrated with their online store and fostered a direct, engaging connection with their fans.


Solution Implemented

Their choice? Single’s livestream product for Shopify, which allowed them to broadcast the pre-recorded show three times in one day. This strategy ensured fans in different time zones could enjoy the show at a convenient hour.


Campaign Strategy

What set GWAR’s launch apart was their personal touch. The entire band engaged in the chat during each airing, creating a highly interactive and personal experience for fans. This strategy made GWAR virtually present with worldwide fans, in real-time.



The strategy paid off:

  • Revitalized Revenue Stream: By repurposing an existing concert, GWAR transformed archival content into a new revenue source. This approach demonstrated how creative reuse of content can effectively generate additional income.
  • Insightful Fan Engagement: The band's interaction with fans during the chat provided invaluable insights. These interactions offered a deeper understanding of fan preferences and behaviors, invaluable for planning future tours and enhancing fan engagement strategies.
  • Community Building: The re-airing of the show, accessible globally, fostered a strong sense of community among fans. This strategy not only expanded GWAR's reach but also strengthened the bond with their audience, proving the power of thoughtful and accessible experiences in building a loyal fan base.
I've been using Single since the company launched and they are my go-to solution for digital downloads, sales reporting, video on demand and live streaming on all of my clients sites.  Their seamless integration with Shopify removes multiple pain points.  When we decided to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the Scumdogs 30th Livestream we knew we could rely on them.  Fans loved the experience and we saw a lift in product sales across the board from the event. - Jason Lekberg, Pit Records/Lekberg Enterprises


In Summary

GWAR’s approach in re-airing their show, coupled with their direct interaction with fans and the adept use of Single’s tools, is a solid example of global fan engagement. This success story demonstrates how artists can use their D2C store to not just sell products, but forge deeper connections with fans around the world.


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