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How Musical Duo MTVoid Leveraged Livestreaming on Shopify to Promote Their New Album "Matter's Knot Pt. 1"

How Musical Duo MTVoid Leveraged Livestreaming on Shopify to Promote Their New Album "Matter's Knot Pt. 1"

When it came time to promote their new album "Matter's Knot Pt. 1," musical duo MTVoid, comprised of Justin Chancellor (Tool) and Peter Mohamed (Sweet Noise) envisioned something beyond traditional release methods.

Known for their unique blend of musical styles, they wanted to create an equally unique experience for their fans, leveraging their Shopify store to connect with fans and incentivize them to check out their new album.


Finding a Solution

Justin and Peter needed a platform that would allow them to engage with their fans beyond their usual social media reach. Partnering with Masscult, they looked for tool that would seamlessly blend with their existing Shopify setup, providing a fully-branded and exclusive experience for fans.


Solution Implemented 

MTVoid chose Single's Livestream and Live Shopping features, perfectly suited for their unique needs. Single’s tools enabled them to set up an engaging "MTVoid Q+A" session on their Shopify store, making it easy for fans to tune in and ask questions about their new album.

Plus, anyone who missed the initial broadcast was able to replay the Q+A session for 72-hours. This free offering with extended availability accommodated fans in various time zones and helped drive increased traffic to their store throughout the campaign.



MTVoid's approach led to:

  • Enhanced fan engagement through a direct, personalized experience.
  • Increased Shopify traffic and album sales.
  • Boosted brand loyalty from the intimate artist-fan interaction.
  • Valuable insights into fan preferences for future strategies.
"Single's tools made MTVoid’s Shopify store the perfect stage for the album launch. It was simple yet impactful, bringing fans closer to the band and 'Matter's Knot Pt. 1'." - Grant Gelt, Masscult

In Summary

MTVoid's use of Single’s Livestream and Live Shopping on their Shopify store exemplifies how artists can create unique experiences that drive engagement and sales - direct - for the long haul.


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